Hugo Shortlisted Short Stories II

Stephen and Marshall get excited talking about the Hugo short listed short stories in part two of our three part series. Today we cover “A Guide for Working Breeds” by Vina Jie-Min Prasad and “Metal Like Blood in the Dark” by T. Kingfisher 

WorldCon 2019 Brief – Kate Sheehy

A brief conversation with Kate Sheehy, a panelist at Dublin 2019.

Our previous brief with V.E. Schwab is available here. The next brief will be posted on Friday.

WorldCon 2019 Brief – V.E. Schwab

V.E. Schwab author photo

A short, between-session conversation with Victora “V.E.” Schwab at Dublin 2019.

The second and third WorldCon briefs will be posted on Wednesday and Friday.

Annalee Newitz WorldCon 76

In conversation with Annalee Newitz, science journalist and author of Autonomous, at WorldCon 76. We geek out about economics and science fiction. Who would have guessed?

Kelsey Olesen WorldCon 76

In conversation with Kelsey Olesen while at WorldCon 76. We briefly discuss the role of women in SFF stories.

As promised, the author of Dread Nation is Justina Ireland. And for reference, Zen Cho is the author of Sorcerer to the Crown.

Gonzalo Alvarez WorldCon 76

In conversation with Gonzalo Alvarez, creator of Polloman. Keep up-to-date with Gonzalo’s work by following him on Twitter @Gonzzink. Support his work and buy your copy of Polloman at