Interstellar Overman Part 1: The Lunar Schoolspiracy

Interstellar film poster.jpg

Androids and Assets has its first ever guest, the enigmatic physicist Pasquale. Join us as we wrestle with the big cosmological questions of the late Mchonaissance. Marshall laments the dark future of Gumbo, Stephen feels Randian, and Pasquale hangs back for the first episode.  More to come next week…


Lord of the Rings and Fantasy Genocide

After a short hiatus the Androids and Assets team returns stronger and more resolved to discuss the dreaded… Fantasy Racism. For more weird LOTR strangeness watch this video for what Marshall was talking about historicity of Middle Earth. Watch for us in coming weeks On iTunes and Google Play.

Bakshi LOTR Forever!!!

Time For Wealth Redistribution


The Androids and Assets team makes a terrible dad joke, in being late to publish its episode on In Time (2011).  Listen as we debate if this movie is a scathing critique of capitalism or some lame feel good nonsense.

A Song Of Ice & Fiat Currency

We did it again. This week we talk about those gold, gold coins in the Game of Thrones Symphonic Universe. Thanks for listening and check out our companion blog post… If you want to know more about tray depth and Japan’s debt go here.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Widgets

Our first episode! We’re talking about Luc Besson’s Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, the big-budget flop from the summer of 2017.  Thanks for listening and check out our companion blog post.