Obi-Jaaan Ft. Dr. Justin

Recorded on June 8, Star Wars correspondent and newly minted PHD Justin comes on the Pod to talk about the latest D+ Series Obi-Wan. We talk about how the Monarchy of Alderan works inside the Galactic Republic/Empire and our predictions for the last two episodes of the run.

How To Get Ahead in Anti-Psychiatry Ft. Olav

We are looking back on the 1989 classic How to Get Ahead in Advertising. For a deep dive on the intersection of psychology and commerce we are joined by Hugo nominated Blogger and long time friend of the show Olav.

Expanded Criticisms: Season 6 of the Expanse Ft. Evan from Kino Lefter

The TV show version of the Expanse ended months ago. Now get our expanded criticisms on the shows final season and our big picture takes the Expanse Franchise, and what we really think about Basic.

PS The show is entering a new phase, and we will only be doing one episode a month. So you will get one more episode on April and then monthly after that. We appreciate your patience.

The Kaiju Preservation Mob, In Conversation with John Scalzi

Marshall and Stephen are joined by the dynamic and entertaining John Scalzi to talk about his new book, The Kaiju Preservation Society.

The Horizon Coalition, In Conversation with Gautam Bhatia

The cover of "The Horizon" has the words "The Horizon" and Guatam Bhatia. It is black with red ribbon defaced by the sun.

Marshall and Stephen are joined by returning guest Gautam Bhatia to talk about his recently released novel The Horizon.

Works Mentioned

Night Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko

Planetary Mine by Martín Arboleda

Aurora Rising originally titled The Prefect by Alastair Reynolds

The Reality Dysfunction by Peter F. Hamilton

Echopraxia by Peter Watts

Economic Science Fictions edited by William Davies 

Emissaries of Profits — “Hippocratic Oath”

The boys are back at it with Season 4 Episode 4 – Hippocratic Oath. Julian and Miles are stranded on a planet with Jem’Hadar and have the first big fight of their relationship. On the station, Worf is learning to adjust to his new role and butts heads with Odo.

Can’t Look Away

Taking a well worn path to the orchard of problematic Netflix content, the androids and assets team get angry as they lazily pluck the low hanging fruit that is American political discourse. Please enjoy this review of the 2021 sci-fi comedy Don’t Look Up.

Happy New Year… It probably won’t get worse.

EOP Indiscretion with The Anime Sickos

At long last we settle the question… Is DS9 Anime. Specialist and swell guys Tom and Jo Remind us that DS9 is great, that jobs suck, and we exaggerate the value of suffering.